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Best HD Screen tablets for Movies?

cheap android tablet pc

Getting the best tablet is one of the hardest decisions that you can make, and that is because there are so many companies that are making tablets. If you want a cheap one you can get a cheap android tablet pc. However, because there are a variety of them in each production company as well, you have to look for everything in the tablets to know if that tablet meets the requirements of the person for that matter. Many Android tablets have huge screens and yet are very affordable making them the best choice a person can make. This article has a lot of android tablets, their specs, pros, and cons. This way the reader can decide for themselves if they want a tablet to watch movies.

Samsung Galaxy S4

This is a tablet that is now among the cheap android tablet pc; it is 10.5 inches long; it has an HDR display that is very sharp. It has an interface that resembles that of a laptop or a desktop. However, the main problem is that it does not provide the value for the money that people spend on it. It comes out to be very expensive in that sense. Although it may seem like having the interface of a desktop, it cannot replace a laptop because of the lack of functionality in that sense.

Asus Zen Pad 3S 10

It is 9.7 inches long and although it has a brilliant 2K display, the screen of this tablet is not as big as those tablets for watching movies.  That is why it is better to get a cheap android tablet pc instead. A regular tablet is 7-10 inches long. The ones on which people play games, watch movies, and other entertainment are the ones that have a screen of more than 10 inches. This tablet doesn’t have a great battery life. The one thing you need when you buy a tablet to watch movies is a great battery life because movies consume a lot of the battery.

Google Pixel C

That is a tablet that has an amazing screen, but it is not something that people can carry easily because of it being very heavy. It has a premium design but the accessories are expensive. It is better that a person gets a cheap android tablet pc for themselves so that they can get the better results for less money.

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