How to Enable Google Now on Tap on Android Tablets

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Below explains how to enable Google Now on Tap on Android tablets ft. Android Nougat operating system.

  • First, enable cellular data and launch the Google app on the device.
  • Then, navigate to Settings > Screen Search and turn on the toggle switch of Now on Tap at the top.
  • Turn on the second toggle switch as well to give permissions to Google to store the screenshots you may capture on the tablet into the Google

If you are on Marshmallow, enter Settings and go to voice search portion of the menu and there you can see Now on Tap option with a checkbox next to it. Tap on that, and Android Marshmallow will prompt you to confirm in the pop-up that appears subsequently. Confirm and you will be done activating Google Now on Tap on Android Nougat and Android Marshmallow.

To launch Now on Tap, simply tap on the Home button and the feature will appear on the home screen of Android. Google Now on Tap will search for content containing on compatible apps provided you enable the feature. If you are reading a long newsletter on Gmail, for instance, and it contains information on restaurants and other venues, which rely on location-based services of Google, Now on Tap will filter them individually. However, you need to activate Location Services as well from the Settings of your device to make full use of it.

Even when you are on a chat on a compatible app, the feature will filter phrases containing in the conversation. In fact, Google Now on Tap filters what is on screen of the Android device. You can scroll down from the suggested entries on Now on Tap that pops up on the home screen of the tablet. Tap on Discover More to see what else Google thinks which you may want to know about the content on screen.

The feature is best experienced hands-on so do enable the feature and use Now on Tap conveniently by long-pressing the Home button of the Android refurbished tablets ft. Nougat. To disable the feature, navigate again to Settings > Screen Search and turn off the toggle switch next to Google Now on Tap.

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