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These amazing apps will help you to turn your boring To-Do List into Fun List

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Nowadays, a to-do list is a necessity. It can help you to maximize your productivity. Some people find it annoying; therefore, you can use some fantastic apps to increase its fun. See these amazing options.


Habitica can change your life with its unique features. It can increase your level with your every birthday. Once you learn something new, the stat of your knowledge increases. Feel free to use it to change your life. You can turn your life into a role-playing video game. 

Habitica is available for android and iOS devices. Make sure to enter your daily goals, to-do list and habits. This app will start calculations in its background. Remember, everything works smoothly to unlock something cool, such as the ability to get new skills or pets. 

Use real currency to unlock in-game bonuses and rewards, such as real-life rewards or equipment. These simple rewards will be really satisfying. Feel free to watch your TV shows. It will help you to compete with your colleagues and friends.


EpicWin works similar to Habitica but has more fun features. It can increase your experience with special configurations and setup. Similar to Habitica, it will undertake the shape of your characterThis app is available for iOS and android devices.

You can destroy your tasks in energetic battles with rewards and experience. The app supports reiterating tasks and display reminders for overdue activities. Feel free to adjust particular days to every task.

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Carrot To-Do

This app can motivate you to complete different tasks. Remember, it will encourage you to get fit, eat healthily and wake up early in the morning. Feel free to schedule your regular activities with this app. Carrot touts as a robotic lady (artificial intelligence). She attractively hates you.

Once you load up this app, it will tell you that you are lazy. If you are taking too much time in completing a task, the assistant will start yelling. 

Freaky Alarm

This app is specially designed for iOS devices. It is an integral part of your life. Freaky Alarm treats every process similar to a game. You have to complete different logic games. With its harsh alarm sound, it can be annoying for some users. 

Logic games have mathematical questions and tricky puzzles. Make sure to scan a predetermined item in your homes, such as a photo, QR code and barcode. With this app, you can come out of your bed easily.


With this charming app, you can effectively focus on your time. After completing a task, you will plant a tree in the app. Make sure to stay away from your smartphone. Remember, your progress can make trees study and big.

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