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How to get back online if windows 10 update breaks your internet?

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With Microsoft, you will face quality control issues. Before updating your windows 10, you can buy a New tablet to save your sensitive data. Sometimes, updates can make it difficult for you to connect to the internet. No doubt, updates are necessary to improve overall performance. These updates allow you to get patches for security vulnerabilities. 

In numerous cases, updates may cause issues instead of solving problems. A most common issue is the loss of internet connection. You may have slow connection wi-fi speed. Before trying a solution, check your network connectivity on a new device. If you find it difficult to connect to the internet after an update, here are some methods to fix this issue.

Restart Your Computer

In numerous cases, you can fix this issue with a reboot. Remember, a reboot can solve innumerable problems on Windows 10. To restart a computer, open “Start – power button and choose restart” option. Once you are done with these steps, launch a web browser to confirm if you are connected to the internet.

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Network Configuration

In the first step, check a connection problem between the router and your device. You must have a new device, such as a tablet. Use a command prompt to check current configurations of network. See these steps:

  • Open “Start”.
  • Look for “Command Prompt” and tap the top result to open a console.
  • Type in this command (ipconfig) to find out an IP/TCP address of a router and hit “Enter”.
  • Confirm a default gateway address that is related to a local router.
  • You may get this address, such as or 

This address may vary based on your service provider. It will help you to check out network configuration. For confirmation, you can type this command (ping router-IP) and hit enter. You will write the IP address, such as ping

You can use the ping command to test networking on your computer. Confirm a successful reply without packet loss in your output. After completing these steps, if there is no packet loss, you have to contact your internet service provider. There must be a problem with your ISP or router.  

Restart Your Wi-Fi Connection

If you want to use a wireless connection for a laptop or tablet, you have to check your adapter. Signal issues can restrict your internet connectivity. Fix this issue by restarting your device. 

See these settings to reconnect network “Go to Settings – Network and Internet and Wi-Fi”. Turn off and on the Wi-Fi toggle switch to fix connection issues.

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