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5 Android Apps that keep you updated about tech news

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Wondering which tablet is best Do you want to stay updated about tech news? You will need the best apps for your android tablet. Fortunately, you can get the advantage of great releases in the market. These apps are available for free. With the use of these apps, you can keep an eye on the tech news.

1. Medium

Medium is an excellent platform for everyone to share their opinion about different happenings around the world. This app can be useful to cover all sections of tech news. If you need the latest tech news, the medium can be the best choice. It allows you to explore science, tech, and gadgets related news.

2. Appy Geek

It is a popular news app among tech enthusiasts. Appy Geek is a reliable name in the world of tech. With its dark UI, you can get the advantage of the best animation. You can download this app on any tablet. 

The animations work smoothly to provide the best news. It features pre-subscribed technology websites. After installing this app, you can start using it. This app will increase the ability to manage subscriptions on the menu. Feel free to customize the feed as per your desire.cheapest android tablet

3. Feedly

Feedly comes with an RSS feed reader to make things simple. You can subscribe to different technology sources. After launching this app, it will be easy for you to select the Tech options. Get a comprehensive list of famous tech news publishers. If you can’t find these sources on the list, feel free to search them.

With this app, you can create personal feeds. It will help you to create a unique space for particular articles. Feel free to develop several feeds for Windows, Android, and iOS articles.

4. Tech News Tube

It is a simple app to subscribe to several websites. Tech news allows you to deliver content through this app. With this basic app, you can extract the latest news in your feed.

Install this news tube on your device and get the advantage of several unique features. You can see audio content on the website. Moreover, the built-in dark mode becomes a plus point. This app can redirect you to article websites.

5. TechCrunch

TechCrunch is a supreme source of venture capital, startups, gadgets, technology, and apps. With the Android app, it is possible to browse headlines of TechCrunch. Remember, mobile app providers customization options to users so that they can see the topics of their choice.


It is not a particular news app, but you can get the popular and latest news of the tech industry. Moreover, you can get tricks and tips related to the use of tablets and smartphones.

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