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Cheap vs Expensive Phones – which one should I buy?

Cheap Phones

If you are confused between cheap and expensive phones and tablets, you have to compare them as per your needs. The smartphone market is becoming saturated. For this reason, everyone can buy a phone as per his/her budget and needs. You are free to choose camera preferences, battery life and screen size. 

Most of these are designed for multitasking, such as selfies, images, documents, and browsing. It is possible to create a decent smartphone with your whistles and bells. In costly phones, you will be able to get extra features. Here are some tips for choosing the best phone:

Consider Your Budget

Before purchasing a smartphone, you have to consider your budget. Nowadays, it is easy to find a smartphone and tablet within your budget. To buy the best phone, you should prepare a list of phones within your budget.

Your selected phone must have important features as per your needs. If you can find your required features in a cheap phone, it will be a great method to save money. You can clearly discriminate cheap and expensive phones based on the quality of their cameras.

Camera Quality

Smartphones are incomplete without great cameras. You can disseminate expensive and cheap phones based on the quality of the camera. High-end cameras are available in costly phones. You can find the best cameras in iPhone 8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and later mobiles. 

Cheap Phones

A Quick Overview of Cheap vs Expensive Phones

If you are confused between different brands, see a quick overview of cheap and expensive smartphones.

Expensive Phones

  • Expensive smartphone brands are iPhone, Samsung, LG, HTC, etc.
  • Great in terms of features, cameras, and performance
  • Timely updates
  • High-end features

Cheap Phones

  • Medium features, performance and camera
  • Low-cost phones are Micromax, Xiaomi, Infocus, etc.
  • Affordable to buy

Pay Attention to Features and Quality of Camera

If you want to purchase an affordable phone, make sure to choose the best camera. Budget phones may lack advanced sensors of the camera. Remember, the camera of your phone must be able to take photos in low light. A cheap phone may lack features, such as optical photo stabilization. 

You may not get important cutting-edge features, such as infrared face recognition system. These features are available on the iPhone X and later phones. Users might not get vibrant and brightest display. A fancy smartphone may feature an OLED screen for better color contrast and accuracy.

In cheap phones, you may not get several software updates. These are important to introduce security enhancements and new features. Phone makers give priority to software updates to increase the power of a smartphone. No doubt, you can get a decent camera with a budgeted phone

Several cheap phones offer high-resolution sensor to take rich, clear photos. With cheap phones, you can get an impressive display.

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