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Bringing the Perfection in Foldable Phones – The Race Is On

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Today we are going to talk about a very interesting competition between two of the most famous and the most competitive brands in the mobile and tech fraternity. For once, stop looking for cheap tablets computers and go for the new technology that is being introduced in the market to remove these tabs and laptops – New foldable phones! The new technology that is being introduced in the mobile world. 

Foldable Phones – A Dynamical Change

Only one year back there was no concept of foldable phones or gadgets of any kind except for the conventional laptops, but a few months back the two most important companies have launched their respective foldable models, and since then more announcements are being made of new launches day by day.

Now you must be thinking about the completion between the two markets who are stepping up to remove tablets. The two companies that have launched their models are Samsung and Huawei. Now, if you are an android user then you should know that Samsung is said to be the King of android phones and poses the greatest competition to the iOS market. 

cheap tablets computers

Samsung Success Starts with S

The Samsung’s S series is just flawless and so lovable around the world that people have become obsessed with them, from the Galaxy S6 edge to the Galaxy S10E Samsung has been successful and has made a fortune out of every single launch. Despite giving tough competition to Apple and Windows phones, Samsung is facing huge completion in the android market from Huawei, and this is because of the following reasons.

Samsung Maintaining the Image

Samsung is said to be the brand of the upper class and has created an image that only the top buyers can have the Galaxy phones, but Huawei, on the other hand, has created a very diplomatic image in the market where it caters every kind of customer. Now this is a fact that Samsung puts all of its efforts in its S series, and this is the very series which is responsible for the business and brand image of Samsung but in recent years we see that in completion with Huawei Samsung has been launching a variety of middle range phones named as the A or J series respectively. These phones are cheaper in the market, but Samsung has not been getting any acceptance in both of these series rather, people go for Huawei in that price range. The reason is that Huawei’s top to lowest models are reliable and are perfectly cost which makes them user-friendly.

Cheap tablets are a thing of the past now since the Samsung Galaxy Fold and the Huawei Mate X have been introudces. It is true that both of them have many cons, but they have their pros too, and with the passage of time and with the launch of new models it is likely that these coins will be removed soon, but let us see who wins the race to launch the most accepted model in the market.

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