How to Backup the Data on your Android Tablet

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Backup Android Tablet Data

Backing up the data in your tablet is downright necessary to prevent any sort of data losses. It is indeed a terrifying situation to find that all the data that you have stored on your tablet has disappeared. It can lead you to lose your precious photos, videos, contacts, and other valuable data.

By backing up the data regularly on your Android tablet, you are guaranteed a safe copy of all your data in Google’s servers. Besides, it has other uses such as restoring all your data into a newly purchased device from any authorized tablet distributor.

The backup data in your Android tablet involves the contact information, photos, videos, music, apps as well as any settings you have made. In case you suffer from any accidental data losses because of any causes, you can easily obtain the backup data saved in your Google account.

Some of the information from your device is backed up automatically. This includes mail inbox, calendar schedules, and address book of the tablet. Below is how to back up the data on your Android tablet.

Enabling Backup

One of the first steps to create a backup of your tablet’s data is to ensure that the backup option is enabled on your device. For this, open the Settings app on your tablet and tap on the Backup and Reset option. Enable the Back Up My Data option by toggling the switch to the ON position.

Also included in the Backup and Reset option in your tablet is the ability to carry out automatic restore. This will help in restoring any of the backed up setting and data when you reinstall an app. This will aid especially if you are purchasing a new android tablet from any wholesale tablet distributor or retail store.

Configuring Backup

After the backup option is enabled, go to Settings > Accounts & Sync > Google. Select the Gmail account that you have used to sign in your Android device. This will list of the data and apps that are being synched and not synched to the Google servers.

Tap on the green Sync icon located near to your email address to start the backup. Some of the items will have a tick mark indicating they are already backed up. You can select the items that need to be backed up by unticking the boxes near the items and selecting them again.

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