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How can you use AirPods on Android Device?

AirPods on Android Device

A device is incomplete without earphones. Remember, AirPods are great options for useful Bluetooth earbuds. They are market leaders for wireless listening. You can buy special AirPods for your Android devices. People have a misconception that AirPods is for Apple users only. Remember, android users can get the advantage of these earbuds.

Numerous accessories are available for android users. You can replicate great features of these earbuds on your android device. Here are some methods for android users.


In the first step, you have to pair your AirPods with android phone similar to a Bluetooth accessory. It is the same process, but the pairing implementation of Apple can be cooler. There is no need to download an application for this pairing.

Open the lid and hold down a white button on the rear of AirPods case. You may find an LED on the inside of the case that pulse white as you start pairing mode. It may take three seconds of holding the back button to start the pairing mode.

After entering in pairing mode, check a settings app on android and see Bluetooth settings. Start searching for new devices and click on “AirPods” when you find it in a list.

Extra Features

If you are satisfied with the setup, feel free to stop there. You can use AirPods similar to Bluetooth earbuds. 

Feel free to replicate information of AirBattery on the pop-up screen. They open up an AirPods case. Check rechargeable case on the case. It will help you to keep an eye on the battery level of your earbuds.

Users can get the advantage of cool features available in the settings. Feel free to enable a Pro version and get consistent notifications for the latest updates for the battery. You may like ear detection for music platforms, such as Spotify. It may resume or stop music from Spotify after taking out AirPods from your ear.

AirPods on Android DeviceAirPods on Android Device

Features for Android Devices

You will be able to explore new elements of AirPods. Remember, the functionality of AirPods is limited to Android devices. Remember, some double-tap features can work well. For instance, control music or play next or previous track. You can’t use features that involve Siri. Remember, android users can get the advantage of Bluetooth connectivity. 

Along with AirBattery, you can get the advantage of AssistantTrigger. It helps you to see the level of the battery on your AirPods. Feel free to use it to change gestures. Remember, you can’t explore all the features of AirPods on android. For instance, automatic ear detection will be easy on iOS devices. If you are using an iPhone, it will be easy for you to control these devices.

AirPods can be linked to the iCloud account of Apple users. It allows you to switch between iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad and Mac. Remember, you can’t use this feature of your android devices.

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