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Dussehra 2019: How to Download and Send WhatsApp Stickers


In the digital world, there are also some perks of enjoying the festivals in a digital style.. Dussehra is a great Indian festival that is celebrated with great zeal, zest, and enthusiasm. The Dussehra held at the end of the Navratri every year. The Indian people do great Durga pooja on this occasion.

WhatsApp has developed many amazing Dussehra stickers for its users. The following are ways to download Dussehra stickers of WhatsApp on Android and iPhone.

Download and Send Dussehra WhatsApp Stickers On Android Phone:

Follow the simple steps to download the Dussehra stickers. Firstly, open the WhatsApp app on your smartphone and click on any chat window. Then touch on the smiley icon that is placed on the top left side of the keyboard. The existing stickers will pop up. There are three small icons below: the smiley, gif, and a geometrical shape. Click on the third one. Then click the plus sign on the top right corner. You will get the options of various stickers, add and download these. 

If you want stickers other than these or more stickers, then click on the last “get more stickers”. The tab will open a connection with the google play store. Search on the search bar for the Dussehra stickers. Open the Dussehra sticker app and add it to your WhatsApp stickers. Dussehra

Download and Send Dussehra WhatsApp Stickers On iPhone:

IPhones generally don’t provide the option to download the new stickers on its own. When the friends with the android cell phones send you the new stickers, then you can “favorite” these.

 Make your and your loved one’s event happening by using these interesting and unique Dussehra related stickers. The colorful Dussehra stickers are quite wonderful and happening in its look.

Ask your friend to send you the new Dussehra stickers. After that, go to the chat window of anyone. Click on the smiley icon on the top left side of the touch keyboard. Touch on the star icon and search for the sticker you want to share. Then click on the desired one to forward it to others.

The sticker search is quite easier on the iPhone than the android cell phones. There is a small square shape at the bottom of the chat. Click on the emoji button that is on the right side. Click the plus sign to add different stickers in our cart.

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