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Google Teamed up with Security Companies to Protect the Play Store from Adware

Protect Your Tablets Data

There is no need to worry about the Play Store of Google because the search giant is teamed up with security companies for protection from adware. Google has teamed up with 3 security companies to identify malicious apps before they are published on the Play Store. They are trying to save their Android users. As per Google, this partnership is called App Defense Alliance.

App Defense Alliance Initiative

Companies are excited about this collaboration. There is a partnership between Zimperium, Lookout, ESET and Google. They are working together to protect Android users. Google claims that they are trying to stop bad applications before they hurt the devices of users. 

As per Google, Android is running on more than 2.5 billion devices. It is attracting new customers and companies. For this reason, it is a striking target for abuse. This abuse involves secret code and malware. These things can drain away sensitive data of users. Now they are working with their industry partner and talented researchers. Detection engineers are working to decrease the danger of malware related to apps.

They are working to identify new threats and increase protection for users. Moreover, this appliance becomes an integral part of the Google Play Store. They are using scanning engines to protect their store. This team is working on an intelligent system to detect apps in a queue before publishing them. Protect Your Data

Google Play Protect

Partners are analyzing dataset to publish safe apps on the Google Play Store. Google has already published a Google Play Protect. It is a malware protection service for Android users. The company uses special Play Protect for scanning of billion apps. This problem is really big because the security of millions of users is at stake. The company is bringing new enforcements to avoid malicious software. 

After these efforts, the Google play store will be a safe place to download apps. There will be no threat of bad offenders on Android devices.

App Defense Alliance System

This defense system is powered by dynamic/static analysis and advanced machine learning technique. The system can create a dataset of essential points. These are used as a reference to screen old and new apps. 

If you want to increase the security of your devices, make sure to keep them updated. It will help you to stay away from malicious threats and adware. Both Apple and Google send firmware regularly. These security patches are necessary to detect threats. Make sure to install the latest software in your device. 

You must not open SMS or emails from unknown senders. Moreover, avoid installing apps from strange publishers. Download apps from the Google Play Store only.

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