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Things you should know about Google’s high-performance pixelbook!

If you are tired of all the old gadgets and are getting confused in new devices, then don’t worry you are in luck today as today we are starting with our debut discussion about the all-new Google pixelbook, if you are looking for the best deal tablet then you won’t be able to find a more best deal tablet then Google’s high-performance pixelbook. Today after a great increase in demand for the details of this device from our reader’s side we have gathered the top ten features of the Google Chromebook which will astonish you and force you to go get the google pixel book at your earliest. So let us get started with today’s topic and we recommend that you stay tuned with us till the end!

Features of Google’s pixel book!

We have gathered here the top ten features of Google’s pixel book. We are sure that you will find them fascinating.

Solution for all!

We discussed this earlier that today people are tired of using smartphones and tablets along with their desktop systems and they can’t maintain and afford so many devices. This was a big problem for almost 80% of potential users, but this is now solved with the help of Google’s pixel book. The Google pixel book comes with a 4 in 1 feature. this means that it can turn into a tablet, a laptop, a cellular device and the best of all a television screen and you can enjoy movies and favorite seasons on it without any stress. It is hard to believe that you can use 4 devices in one place, but fortunately and thanks to Google it is true and very believable now. So if want the best deal tablet then go for this one.

best deal tablet

Show on the road with a special body!

People usually get worried and overthink when we say that the device works as a 4 in 1. You must be thinking that it would be enormous in size, but you will be tempted more to know that the device has a very sleek and sexy design and a very decent size and the best part is it only weighs around one kg.

Access to applications and its obedience!

Yes, if you get the Google pixel book, then it gives you access to many applications that were not available on one device at one time. When you are using the device as a four in one device, then it means that you will enjoy all the applications in one place. Other than this, the device backs up all your data and saves it in its departments while just sensing the nature of your work.

Pass on your work to your assistance!

Yes! This feature of the Google Assistant was only available in smartphones, but now you can use this feature in your book, and it will help you run your device very easily by just saying OK GOOGLE. You can give any command with this feature. so the Google book is the best deal tablet of today!

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