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The US Allowing Smartphone Voting for People with Disabilities, Raising Security Concerns


The IoT (Internet of Things) and smart home are helping people with disabilities. This technology will help people to cast votes. 

The voting process is open up in the United States for people with specific disabilities. This facility is available for folks with disabilities in a particular area with blockchain technology. Advocates notice that it will increase access of everyone to voting. It can be an excellent way to decrease security apprehensions.

Smartphone Voting

The voting system through smartphone depends on collaboration between Voatz (tech company), National Cybersecurity Center and Philanthropies Tusk (nonprofit).  It is used for overseas and military voting when it was tested in Utah, Utah Country, Denver, West Virginia.

Utah County has expanded the program to include voters with disabilities in a municipal election. Two states in Oregon are bringing this system to be overseas and military voters. The philanthropist and startup consultant (Bradley Tusk) is happy with this idea to increase the turnout of voters. They are targeting different groups in Washington.

Tusk developed the strategy of loyal customers advocate for their company. They want mobile voting. He has no financial commitment but believes in mobile voting. This method can convince voters to cast ballots on the smartphones. It may pressure officials to move along with the process. Customers can use their devices for voting.Smartphone's

Future of Smartphone Voting

It is not possible to stop technology advancement. Event though ballots (paper) are romanticized by Intelligence Senate Community. They are forgetting a controversy of hanging chad that may increase disturbance. Perfection is absent even in the voting system. The online voting can be inconvenient. It can be hard to ignore the potentials of increasing election interference.

Smartphone voting may be the best way to increase the output of voters. It may help overseas people and military personnel vote.

Voting Through Phone Can be an Easy Method

Voting rights advocates and election companies support this system to make voting easy. The convincing of a smartphone can increase turn out of voters. Experts of election security are worried about disruptions and hackers. The United States is worried about foreign interference in presidential and other elections.

It may open doors for malicious actors. The agents of foreign intelligence attempted to hack the local and the US state voting system. Several states are supporting the voting system.

The state must resist pushes for voting. For military voters, this system can be crucial. The overwhelming consensus in the security community needs mobile voting and blockchain technology. This system advocates for verifiability, integrity and accuracy of elections. It is essential to increase the security of this system. Different companies are working to improve the security and integrity of this system. The new system will help you to increase the turnout of voters.

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