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How to Setup and Use Apple Pay on your iPad

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Configure Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a mobile payment service that allows you to carry out payments using their iPad, iPhone, or Mac. Using this app, you can easily make in-store purchases while also simplifying the purchases made using your credit or debit card. It is an excellent alternative to other payment options, as it allows you a more secure form of payment using your iPad or another device.

For using Apple Pay, you must first set it up on your device purchased from an iPads wholesale store. Note that the Apple Pay feature is already there in your iPad and you just need to configure it before you can use it to make payments. Below is how to setup and use Apple Pay on your iPad.

Adding a Card to Apple Pay

To add a credit or debit card into Apple Pay, first open the Wallets app on your home screen. When the app is opened, tap on the + button located at the top right corner. Then tap on Next and enter all the details related to your credit or debit card. You can also scan with the camera to input your card details. On the Card Details screen, tap on Next and enter your card’s expiration date and security code.

Select Next and tap on Agree in the following window that details the terms and conditions. After selecting the verification method, tap on Next and select the Enter Code option. There, you need to enter the verification code provided based on your verification methods such as text, call, or email. Then tap on Next and Done in the following windows.

Setting a Default Card in Apple Pay

Using Apple Pay, you can use multiple credit or debit cards and switch between them while making a transaction. You can set a default card in Apple Pay as it allows you to make transactions faster and easier. To set the default card in Apple Pay, go to the Settings app and then tap the Wallet & Apple Pay option. Once it is opened, tap on the Default Card option and then select the card that you wish to use as default.

Removing a Card from Apple Pay

You can easily remove the cards you no longer wish to use with Apple Pay from the iPad Settings. This is especially the case when you lose a card or have deactivated it. To remove a card from Apple Pay, go to Settings and open Wallet & Apple Pay. Select the credit card that you need to delete and then tap on the Remove Card option to remove your card from Apple Pay.

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