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Tablets have become more popular nowadays and have earned preference among most users. In view of this, more manufacturers are coming up with newer tablet models that are loaded with the latest features. Yet for a new user, this diversity of tablets available in the market will make it very difficult to select the right one for their needs.

The tablet models available now in the wholesale tablets market can be classified into three based on their operating system. These are Android tablets, Apple iOS tablets, and Windows tablets. Different manufacturers make tablets using these operating systems with the exception of Apple’s trademark iOS devices.

When buying a tablet for the first time from wholesale tablets stores, most users will be confused on which one to opt for. A better understanding of the right kind of tablet for one’s needs could be found by knowing and comparing the features, pros, and cons of each of these types of tablets. Below is a quick guide to choosing an Android, iPad, or Windows tablet.

Android Tablets

Android tablets are powered using different versions of the operating system developed by Google. Some of the advantages of them are that Android tablets have increased customization options that allow a user to alter and customize the settings as per their liking. The availability of a huge collection of apps in Google Play Store makes Android tablets even more preferable.

Android tablets have some disadvantages as well though. For one, they are more prone to issues such as malware and bloatware. They can be much difficult to use sometimes due to their open nature and are a bit complicated to understand, especially for new users.

iPad Devices

iPad is the successful tablet lining offered by Apple. It was the first of its kind in the market and a precursor to all the tablet models released today. The exceptional build quality and design are the unique benefits of having an iPad. Besides that, these tablets offer more safety and security features due to Apple’s tight controls over the usage of the devices.

To count its drawbacks, iPads can be much expensive when compared other tablet models. Apart from that, the customization options are also much limited in the iPads.

Windows Tablets

Microsoft’s Windows tablets changed the scene of tablet computing by introducing productivity as a key feature. One of the best advantages of opting for a Windows tablet is its compatibility with desktop apps. It also provides the benefit of using all of the apps and files used in desktops or laptops by logging with a Microsoft account from the tablet.

However, the availability of apps is very limited in Windows tablets when compared to Android and Apple. Moreover, Windows tablets are more vulnerable to viruses and other malicious programs much like a PC.

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