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Things to Know about Microsoft Office for iPad

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iPad users can download Microsoft Office for free from the Apple App Store. However, the free version can be used only to view Excel, PowerPoint, and Word documents on iPad Pro devices. To edit or create the documents, iPad users will have to pay for Microsoft Office 365 service.

It is true that there are many ways to access Office like services on the iPad. However, many users love the Microsoft Office suite owing to its features and user friendliness. As per many users, Microsoft Office looks amazing on the big screen of the iPad. As many businessmen consider MS Office as the backbone of their business, they will love to have the Office suite in their iPads.

Statistics shows that millions of users across the globe make use of the main Office programs like Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. However, to have the full features, you will need to have an Office 365 subscription, which is the cloud-based version of the software. iPad users can have a month of free trial for Office 365, however, after the expiry of the free trial there will be a subscription charge.

By default, the Office app stores the files in OneDrive, which is the cloud based storage space of Microsoft. Besides that, you can have many other benefits while using Office for iPad as well. Some of the major benefits of using Microsoft Office for iPad are discussed below.

  • It is free: Office for iPad can be downloaded free from the App Store.
  • Excel, PowerPoint, and Word are included: The powerhouse items of the Office suite from Microsoft are included in the iPad version, making it easy for the users to work with all types of documents.
  • Fully enabled Word document formatting: Every feature that the Microsoft Word users love is included in the iPad app. It even offers the toolbox ribbon at the top, which helps users to get access to the necessary features easily.
  • PowerPoint Laser: While doing a PowerPoint presentation on the iPad, the user can enable the laser pointer feature to have the stage like performance.
  • Excel features specialized keypad: Excel is provided with a specialized numeric keypad that helps users to keep the formulas handy.

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