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3 Common Android Tablet Problems and Their Fixes

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Common Android Tablet Problems

Users can encounter some common issues while using Android tablets. Some of these common issues with Android tablets and their possible fixes, as offered by tablets wholesale dealers, are explained below. Try these simple steps to fix issues with your tablet.

Locked up Tablet

Your Android tablet can freeze and lock up at times and it can be a frustrating situation. However, pressing and holding down the Power button for about ten seconds can turn off the tablet. You may then turn the device on to use it normally. In some situations, an app might lock down or freeze the tablet, and the Power button trick may not work. In such a case, you will need to wait for a few minutes, say ten minutes, before pressing down the Power button for ten seconds.

Touchscreen Issues

The touchscreen needs to be touched by human fingers to have proper interaction. The screen interprets the static energy between the device and the finger to find the area where the user touches the screen. Modern touchscreen senses the touch even when touched while wearing gloves. However, these screens may fail or show issues in calibration when the battery power is low or when there is damage to the screen.

If you find that the touchscreen of your Android tablet is acting up, check the battery power of the device, and if it is low, connect it to charger. If there are issues even after recharging the battery, you may need to reboot the device.

Display is Too Dark

Most of the Android tablets have a light sensor on the front panel. The device uses the data from this sensor to adjust the brightness of the display. If the sensor is covered, the screen of your tablet can get very dark. If you find that the screen of your Android tablet is very dark, the first thing to check is whether the case of the tablet is covering this sensor.

If you do not use a case for your tablet, try turning off the Auto Brightness mode and manually adjust it as per your requirements. If you are very particular about using the Auto Brightness setting, you may have to cover the sensor area and restart the device to check if auto brightness mode is working properly.

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