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How to Enable Developer Options in your Android Tablet

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Enable Developer Options

Android is an operating system that offers the users the liberty to customize it the way they want. It has taken one step further in this aspect with the Developer Options feature included in all the Android versions. You can use this feature on your tablet for a variety of purposes such as USB debugging, unlocking the bootloader, and controlling the visual effects of the display. Originally included for developers, this option provides a greater degree of control over your tablet.

It is especially suitable for limiting the background and other processes than that is possible using the Settings app. By using the Developer Options, you can actually monitor and control many aspects relating to the functioning of your tablet such as its memory usage, CPU consumption, and so much more.

The Developer Options are hidden in all Android tablets, be it refurbished ones or newly purchased devices from wholesale Android tablets stores. However, you need to activate the option to use it. Below is how to enable Developer Options in your Android tablet.

Enabling Developer Options

It is necessary to know the build number of your device before you decide to enable the Developer Options in your tablet. Usually, the Developer Options are enabled by tapping on the build number option multiple times. For enabling the Developer Options, go to, Settings > About Tablet > Build Number. On some tablets, this option is accessible by going into Settings > About Device > Software Information > More > Build Number.

Once the Build Number option is displayed, tap on its multiple times. While you do this, a message will appear at the base of the display stating, “You are now ‘x’ steps away from being a developer.” Continue tapping until the message “You are now a developer!” appears. This will unlock the Developer Options in your Android tablet. Then go back again to Settings, and you will see that the Developer Options menu below.

Disabling Developer Options

If you find the developer options feature is not useful, or that you no longer want it to get displayed in the Settings menu, you can easily remove the option. For this go Settings > Apps > Settings > Storage and then tap on the Clear Data option. This will remove the Developer Options feature from your Settings menu. However, you can unlock the Developer Options again by following the above-mentioned steps.

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