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How to Play Around with Home Screen Widgets on Android Nougat

Android Nougat has an array of widgets using which you can organize the home screen of your Android tablet and access the much-needed applications on the go. Some ideal widgets to add to the home screen would include the Contact app, eBook app, and so on. In case you are new to the world of using Android Nougat, below is a how to add widgets to the home screen.

Ensure that your home screen has sufficient space before getting started with. Then, tap and hold on an empty space of the home screen and select Widgets appearing below the screen just next to Wallpapers. Then, you can drag and drop a widget of an application you use on a regular basis from among any of the below shortcuts.

Directions Widget

Never let go of the tap until you find the Directions widget under the Maps section. Tap and hold the Directions widget and drop it on an empty space on the home screen. Android reveals the Create Widget page subsequently. Enter the details pertaining to travel in the Choose Destination column, enter a Shortcut Name for the Widget, check Start Turn-by-Turn Navigation, and then tap on Save. Then, you may see a prompt to turn on Location – tap OK to continue if prompted.

Contacts Widget

The process is pretty much the same. Just as Android opens up with the list of options to choose a Widget from, tap on Contact and you would be advised to Touch & Hold to Pick Up a Widget on one tap. Follow the instructions and then Android reveals Choose a Contact Shortcut with the list of the contacts you saved in the phonebook of the Android tablet. Ensure the contact you choose as the widget is the one you frequently call.

Messages Widget

This widget does not pertain to the messaging app alone, but you can filter the regular conversations to a given contact also. For that, tap and hold Messages Conversation widget under Messages heading and drop the same on the home screen – when you drop the Widget, Android returns with Select Conversation. Choose any one of the contact numbers you had previously conversed with from the default messaging app on your Android tablet and you can see the shortcut for that appearing on the home screen.

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