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5 Secret Features for Apple Device Users

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Stop looking for the best tablets online when you can get the best features with your Apple devices. People often run away from Apple devices, saying that they are not user-friendly at all in comparison with the android devices. This statement was true to some extent until the latest launch of the iOS software. The 11th version of the iOS has covered many of the missing features that were missed by android users or were used as portraying a negative image of Apple in comparison with android. In addition, Apple has launched some features that even iOS users don’t know about. So we are going to discuss today the top features so that you can stop looking for the best windows 10 tablet online and can enjoy your Apple devices as they are.

Apple devices are relatively complex, and you need to learn a lot even if you are using the device for many years as there are minute changes and additions in every software update. So if you are using the iPhone 5 or the iPhone 11, there are some features that we are going to discuss below, which will help you enjoy your device and stop you from shifting to even the best windows 10 tablet.

The Screen Recording Feature!

One of the most important and the first one we will discuss today is the screen recording feature in the iPhone, and this is a default feature, most of you must have experienced it while using snapchat. You can easily add this feature in your swipe panel from the control center, and you can use this later while just swiping up the window and pressing the screen recording button or screen mirroring button. You can easily record chats and even online video calls with the help of this feature on the iPhone. This feature was added to the iPhone after the launch of the new model, along with the new software 10 tablet

The Emergency SOS Feature!

As we told you earlier, the iPhone is a complex device, and newbies can easily get themselves confused when using it. Some of you might even end up locking yourself out from the device. Anyways let us just move towards the seconds’ feature that is the emergency SOS calling feature. With this feature, you can easily call the police or any important contact on your list while your phone is locked.

The QR Code Reader!

The new software in the iPhone now allows you to scan QR codes by the default apps, which was not possible in the previous versions of the operating system. Now you can easily scan codes with your phone by just using your camera.

The One-Handed Keyboard Feature!

The new software version of the iPhone comes with the one-handed keyboard feature, which helps you type on your phone by just using one hand. You can easily adjust your keyboard on your favorite side and start typing and using your phone with one hand.

Special Effects in Messages!

The new software offers exciting themes in the messaging application. This is also known as the bubble effect. In which messages can be seen in bubbles floating. We are sure that after reading about these features, you won’t shift to the best Windows 10 tablet at all.

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